CiDRA Corporation”sSONARtrac flow monitoring systems with FOUNDATION Fieldbus have successfully completedinteroperability testing and are now officially registered with theFieldbus Foundation. As such, SONARtrac systems are now availablewith a choice of MODBUS or FOUNDATION Fieldbus, in addition to 4-20mAcurrent outputs with HART, providing multiple options for integrationinto control systems. All SONARtrac flow monitoring systems are available with Class I Division 2, or ATEX Class I Zone 2hazardous-area certifications. These certifications allow CiDRAto address customer needs in oil and gas, oil sands refining, chemicalprocessing, and other hazardous-area applications around the globe. SONARtracsystems are capable of providing multi-variable measurements, such asvolumetric flow, speed of sound, and entrained air/gas, in a widevariety of fluid regimes, including liquids, gases, slurries, and multiphasefluids. These systems are robust, full-bore clamp-on solutions andscalable to large pipe diameters. This means that there is norestriction to the flow, no need to cut the pipe, and therefore noprocess downtime or disruption during installation.