Peter PaulElectronics Companynow offers manual override for its full line ofSeries 80 large-orifice solenoid valves. Manual override is amechanical device to open normally closed (NC) valves or close normallyopen (NO) valves without power. Valves can be fully opened and closedwhile de-energized, either under pressure or not. Manual overrideis used to actuate valves during power failure or in an array withoutdisturbing the electrical sequencing or piping to these valves.Standard Series 80 solenoid valves are designed for process industriesfor high flowrate or quick dump-and-fillcapacity. Typical applications include: oil, gas, petrochemical,pharmaceutical & food processing, washing machines, air dryers,fuel oil & gas burners, pumps, irrigation, dishwashers, watertreatment, compressors, etc. They are also suited for low pressure gasand liquid applications. The valves are offered with AC or DC power, in port sizesfrom 3/8″ to three inches NPT, with pressure ratings from zero to 200 PSI.Valve bodies are of forged brass or 316 stainless steel. Seals of BUNA,FKM, EPDM, Neoprene and TEFLON are available and compatible with mostmedia.