Micro Motion, a division of Emerson Process Management,added a Hastelloy version of its F-Series Coriolis flowmeter to itsproduct line, making the product suitable for use across manyindustries and applications where the process fluid is incompatiblewith stainless steel. Compact and drainable, the F-Series Hastelloyprovides accurate and reliable flow measurement in harsh operatingenvironments. It is suitable for use with corrosive fluids, chlorines,chlorides, and crude oil with corrosive elements. To assist users withthe selection of the correct Coriolis meter for compatibility withdifferent fluids, Micro Motion offers a free, extensive corrosionguide, available for download at www.MicroMotion.comunder the “Documentation” section. Like all Micro Motion F-Series, theHastelloy option provides +/- 0.10 percent mass flow accuracy, +/- 0.15percent volume accuracy, +/- 0.50 percent gas flow accuracy, and +/-0.001 g/cc density accuracy. Micro Motion F-Series Coriolis meterssupport Emerson Process Management”s PlantWeb digital plantarchitecture.