NewAge Industries”Nylobrade brand of flexible, braid-reinforced PVC hose is now stockedin 12 sizes. Reinforcement options include thin-wall,standard, and high-pressure. Nylobrade is suitable for industrialapplications, such as air supply, fluid transfer, protective jacketing,and discharge lines; for food use involving dispensing, processing,granular material transport, and liquid conveyance; and formedical/pharmaceutical applications including drain lines, air andgases, and device components. Sizes range from1/8″ to two inches I.D in standard wall size. Two other styles —thin-wall and high-pressure — offer additional options. Thin-wall hoseworks well in light-duty applications, such as instrumentation lines,and is available at a lower cost than the standard type. High-pressureNylobrade is manufactured with a different reinforcing braid design tooffer increased working pressures. It also has more resistance tokinking, which is an important consideration in applications wherebending or repeated flexing occurs. All Nylobrade styles aremanufactured from nontoxic ingredients, conforming to FDA and USPClass VI standards. Nylobrade offers a mirror smooth interior foroutstanding flow characteristics.