Temperature Measurement SystemRaytek’s Equipment Monitoring System, with DataTemp Multidrop software, is a noncontact temperature measurement system that provides round-the-clock condition monitoring of actively powered components or operating machinery in support of predictive and preventive maintenance programs. A temperature rise or spike on the surface of equipment can be a leading indicator of a problem. The Raytek Equipment Monitoring System acts as an early warning device for critical assets, including switchgear and electrical cabinets, electrical motors, pumps, furnace controls and heating elements, giving operators alarmed notice of thermal issues as they begin to occur, as well as recording data for trend analysis to support predictive maintenance programs. Temperature is displayed on the system's LCD control module and/or remotely through PC-based, Windows 7 compatible DataTemp Multidrop software. The Raytek Equipment Monitoring System is "plug and play" (i.e., automatic head detection), consisting of a control box with circuit breaker, power supply and controller; connection box with cable; and sensors with adjustable mounting apparatus. It utilizes the Raytek Compact Series MI3 sensor. Small in size, the system fits in hard-to-reach or enclosed locations and monitors temperature ranges of -40 C to 600 C (1,112 F). The control box and sensors are IP65 (NEMA 4) rated to ensure long life in harsh environments.