Balluff’s new BIP linear-inductive position sensor has an absolute measuring principle for position monitoring in applications, such as drive spindles and clamping devices for tools and work pieces. The sensor can also be used for many other linear motion applications, such as punch depth, grab positions, rolling positions, valve positions, etc. The BIP is noncontact and linear travel of up to 40mm can be reliably detected. The Balluff BIP has resolution of 14 microns, repeat accuracy of +/- 80 microns, and nonlinearity of +/- 250 microns. Available outputs include 0-10 V and 4-20 mA. The sensor’s high degree of repeat accuracy guarantees excellent process quality, even in cramped locations with temperatures up to 85 C. Mechanical adjustments are not necessary, as the sensor is teachable on site, allowing the measuring range to be adapted to the application. With the IO-Link Variant this is also possible via the control system.