Eaton”s DuplexPOLYLINE Bag Filters have no metal components to rust or corrode, and their one-piece polypropylene molded filter housing bodieshave no seams, welds, or crevices to trap particles. The filters do not require flow shut down for filter bag changeouts, as a quarter-turn of the operating lever diverts the flow fromone filter housing to the other through a CPVC plastic valveassembly that allows the process to continuously run during bag changeouts. Suited for automated or remote operation. The filter housingcovers are hand removable and feature an all-plastic, built-in vent valve with anintegral gauge tap. The inlet and outlet connections can beadapted to both in-line and loop piping arrangements for applicationflexibility. An integral plastic mounting skid, standard with allPOLYLINE Duplex Bag Filters, simplifies installation. Available in sizes for standard number 1, singlelength or number 2, double-length filter bags in polypropyleneconstruction with CPVC valve assemblies.