VICI Valco’s nickel-clad tubing is available with fused silica (FS) tubing, PEEK tubing, and polyimide-coated fused silica tubing. These selections make the nickel-clad tubing a good fit for HPLC and UHPLC use. The fused silica tubing has a thick nickel coating applied to achieve a higher-pressure rating. A thin nickel coating may also be used for resistive heating for fused silica tubing. The nickel also performs as a temperature sensor. Nickel clad FS also allows the use of metal ferrules for improved leak-tight connections. The nickel-clad FS tubing permits resistive heating of columns and transfer lines. It offers improved heat transfer to FS over wire-heating methods. The clad PEEK tubing allows direct connections using metal ferrules to produce enhanced pressure performance. Nickel-clad PEEK tubing comes in 1/32-inch OD (IDs of .002 to .015) and 1/16-inch OD (IDs of .002, to .040) permitting use of PEEK?tubing up to 40,000 PSI. –