Process automation is key to continuous improvement

Manage operations remotely and with actionable data.


Automation and the process industries go hand in hand. For an industry that appreciates continual process improvement, the ability to manage operations remotely and with actionable data is extremely valuable. Technological advancements are commonplace as facilities’ needs to keep up with customer demand, standards, safety and environmental regulations, and more to evolve. That’s why this issue focuses on automation and control.

Start with our cover series, where TrendMiner helps us understand the value of advanced analytics, specifically as it relates to refining and chemical facility operations. After this, delve into the topic of control valve cavitation with Valin Corporation’s article.

A discussion of automation and control would not be complete without addressing safety. Our special section begins with an article by Cole-Parmer, which discusses how peristaltic pump tubing affects operator safety. Then Emerson Automation Solutions includes an article on selecting the appropriate tank level measurement technology for overfill prevention systems.

The May issue continues with our second special section on flow measurement. Flow Control Editorial Advisory Board member Jesse Yoder, Ph.D., presents an article about thermal and vortex flowmeters’ roles in energy management. Next, read about five factors that affect the accuracy, flow profile and conditioning of thermal mass flowmeters in an article by Sage Metering.

The annual Innovation Awards program will soon come to a close. Visit to cast your vote by June 29. I look forward to sharing the honorees you choose in our October issue.

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