Water Environment Research Foundation Looking to Fund New Water Quality Research Projects

WERF is currently accepting pre-proposals to fund new water quality research that will provide practical solutions to the challenges facing wastewater and stormwater programs.


The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) is currently accepting pre-proposals under its 2015 Unsolicited Research Program to fund research that significantly advances an understanding of today's most pressing water quality issues and provides practical solutions to the challenges facing wastewater and stormwater programs, the foundation announced. WERF will also consider proposals that take existing research closer to implementation.  

Proposers are invited to submit pre-proposals on topics consistent with WERF's ongoing efforts to advance science and technology addressing water quality issues as they impact water resources, the atmosphere, the land, and quality of life. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, conveyance systems; wastewater treatment; reuse; solids management; condition assessment and infrastructure management; energy efficiency; decentralized collection and treatment systems; risk assessment and communication; watershed management and water quality; and other emerging issues.

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The 2015 Unsolicited Research Program also encourages submittals of applications to test and evaluate innovative technologies at wastewater and stormwater facilities. WERF says the launch and growth of the joint WERF/ WEF Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) program has placed an increased emphasis and urgency on moving new technologies into practice and accelerating innovation. LIFT’s high priority technology areas currently include: Biosolids to Energy, Energy from Wastewater, Digestion Enhancements, Nutrient Removal, P-Recovery, Collection Systems, and Green Infrastructure.

Visit WERF's website at www.werf.org to search for a list of ongoing, completed, and planned research, as this will help proposers avoid duplication. The call for pre-proposals and complete instructions are available online at www.werf.org/funding.

For additional information or questions, please contact WERF Program Director Lola Olabode at lolabode@werf.org. All pre-proposals are due in WERF's offices by 5 p.m. EDT, Thursday, July 16, 2015.

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