The process industry’s HART Communication Foundation, Fieldbus Foundation, and PI (Profibus & Profinet International), have joined together to create an architecture for a new WirelessHART gateway device to simplify integration for end-user implementation, according to the ARC Advisory Group.

ARC says the device will allow a WirelessHART network of devices to communicate bi-directionally with a host automation system via the Fieldbus Foundation High Speed Ethernet (HSE) protocol or the PI protocol, Profibus,

“The cooperative project addresses the concerns of industry users by delivering simple and reliable integration of a WirelessHART network with Fieldbus Foundation and PI wired networks,” states an ARC news report. “When completed, the architecture and its related specifications provide a standard structure for others in the industry to design and build the gateway device.”

The architecture also provides the information needed for creation of gateway configuration software that could reside in either the host automation system or a stand-alone third party product. According to ARC, the gateway device maintains a consistent overall architecture for easy integration of WirelessHART networks and sensors into different host automation systems from different manufacturers.

The specification covers the three primary functions needed for the integration: Gateway Configuration, Wireless Sensor Configuration and System Operation.

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