Oseco’s new website, www.oseco.com, is the first designed by a rupture disc manufacturer to allow visitors to find a product based on their industry and application, and request a quote in the same visit, according to the company.

The new website organizes Oseco’s full range of rupture discs and explosion vents into industry and application groups. Visitors can select their industry or application and see a list of recommended products. In instances where there are many options, the site will narrow the selection based on additional visitor criteria. The new site also includes a section highlighting Oseco’s custom-engineered pressure-relief devices.

Site visitors can schedule a “lunch & learn” for on-site rupture disc and explosion vent training, or request a quote with 24-hour response time (or by Monday afternoon for weekend submissions).

Oseco says the redesign was created with the user in mind, to make the experience as visitor friendly as possible. Since launching the website, Oseco reports a 53 percent increase in the time visitors spend on the site, and a 43 percent increase in average page view per visitor. – oseco.com