John C Ernst redesigned its Web site to provide one-click access to replacement equipment, such as flowmeters, level gauges, and sightglasses.

John C. Ernst Company, a manufacturer of sightglasses, level gauges and flowmeters, has redesigned its Web site to offer users a minimum of four options to locate replacement gauges, meters, and valves.

“When a flow meter, level gauge or other device needs to be replaced, it needs to be done quickly,” said James Wolfe, president of John C Ernst, in a prepared statement. “Since our items last many years, replacement records are sometimes hard to come by. We’ve done our best to simplify replacement.”

According to Wolfe, visitors can either select by flow control type (sight glass, sight flow indicators, flowmeters and totalizers, liquid level gauges and valves, glass and gaskets, sight window, switches flow and level, ejectors and eductors) or, if they have a model number, they can go to a model number index.

The site is designed to provide users with a range of possible options within one mouse click. Then, with a click on any of the device names or model numbers, users can access an online catalog where each item includes a picture, available sizes, features, ratings and materials.

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