Colfax Corporation has launched an application-based, educational Web site with information on the use of fluid-handling technologies and pumping systems tailored specifically for the unique requirements of the oil & gas industry. The site – named Global Oil & Gas Center of Excellence – contains articles, case studies, glossaries, photos of installations and fact sheets. According to Colfax, the site will updated on a regular basis with tools and additional applications to continue to enrich its value to the user.

The site contains sections covering pumping applications in the production, transportation, storage and refining segments of the oil & gas industry. Each section is further divided into subsections with information on how to address fluid-handling challenges in key applications, and the content of each section explores issues industry professionals often contend with, such as contaminants in crude oil, free gas, varying water cuts and temperature alterations necessary for managing process fluid viscosity.

Mike Moore, director of global oil & gas marketing for Colfax, is in charge of the Web site. Moore said he encourages visitors to share their feedback about the site. “We want it to be as useful as possible, and if there’s a fluid-handling issue people would like to see explored more fully, I encourage them to let us know,” said Moore in a prepared statement.