Mid-West Instrument”sModel 220 pressure gauge with standard CSA, UL, and ATEX-rated sensorand explosion-proof housing now offers a loop-powered 828 VDC two-wirefour to 20 mA transmitter option. The transmitter with anindustrial-type terminal strip is housed in heavy-duty, cast aluminumenclosure. Wiring access is provided through a _” NPT port. Accuracy is+/-2 percent from 20 percent to 100 percent of full scale. Indicatoraccuracy is +/-2 percent, independent of the transmitter. The Model 220piston-operated unit has pressure containing elements of aluminum or316 stainless steel, with 316 stainless steel and ceramic terminals.Safe working pressure is 4000 PSIG (275 bar). The gauge has fullover-range protection up to full rated working pressures. Differentialranges are available from zero to five PSID to zero to 100 PSID (0.3bar to seven bar). Weatherproof construction includes standard 4.5-inchdial and shatter-resistant lens. The unit is not yet listed for use inhazardous conditions.