Petro Waste Environmental LP (PWE) has been granted a permit to operate a non-hazardous oil and gas waste landfill in Howard County, Texas.

This permit, issued by the Railroad Commission of Texas, is one of several the company has pending for landfill sites to serve the oil and gas industry.

The non-hazardous waste consists primarily of high solids content flow-back water from hydraulic fracturing operations, and oil-based drilling muds and cuttings.

Welcoming the green light for the new facility, George Wommack, founder and CEO of Petro Waste, said in a statement: “This is an exciting, positive development for our company and an important step toward our goal of locating a PWE facility within 30 miles of all drilling activity throughout the Eagle Ford Shale and the Permian Basin.”

Wommack emphasized the company’s high standards of safety and compliance and said that Petro Waste is creating state-of-the-art facilities using world-class technology, including high-tech automation and monitoring systems that supplement the functions of on-site personnel.

An exclusive alliance allows PWE to use saltwater disposal facilities owned by Pyote Water Systems and to build solid-waste disposal units adjacent to them. According to the company, this enables PWE to dispose of all non-hazardous oilfield wastes onsite within the bounds of the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford Shale. As a result, more waste can be processed near the drilling sites, resulting in fewer trucks on the road, less fuel consumed, and a reduced risk of in-transport spills.

“The oil and gas waste-processing industry has progressed significantly in recent years, and Petro Waste is aligning itself to meet the new challenges,” said Wommack. “Going forward, we anticipate an even higher level of engineering standards in facility design and the construction of more institutional-quality facilities, as environmental stewardship becomes more of a focus for our industry today than ever before.”