General Monitors (, a provider of fire and gas hazardous process monitoring solutions, launched a new fire and gas systems Web site for safety professionals. The site. located at, provides an overview of various fire and gas system designs, applications information, a comprehensive SIL (Safety Integrity Level) resource center, expert technical how-to articles, answers to frequently asked questions and additional materials.

General Monitors has field and technical experience with fire and gas detection systems meeting global safety approvals and standards, including ATEX, FM, CSA, CE-Marking, GOST, IEC, ISO, NFPA 72, SIL, etc. The company designs and develops fire and gas system solutions using advanced sensor technologies that include Point and Open Path Infrared (IR); Electro-Catalytic Bead; Electrochemical Cell; MOS Semiconductor; UV/IR and Multi-Spectral IR; and Neural Networks.