Harvey Reese Associates (www.money4ideas.com), a product developer and licensing agent, launched a new Web site designed to bring manufacturers and aspiring inventors together. The service, which is called the World Inventions Center and is being characterized as a “dating service” for manufacturers and inventors, will host individual inventor Web pages and, through advertisements in business journals, invite manufacturers to anonymously browse the site and directly contact inventors of interest.

“We”ve dealt with thousands of inventors and hundreds of manufacturers over the years,” said Harvey Reese, president of Harvey Reese Associates, in a press release, “and we know how both sides think. Inventors have an undeservedly bad reputation as being lawsuit-happy, and manufacturers are reluctant to meet with them.

“By visiting our Web site, manufacturers benefit because they can look at a variety of new inventions in their own time. If they see something they like, they contact the inventor and strike a deal. Inventors benefit because their new inventions are seen by a number of potentially interested companies that otherwise wouldn”t have [seen them].”

The World Inventions Center receives no commissions, but charges the inventors for creating and hosting their individual Web. Free licensing advice is provided to inventors as needed.