The Fieldbus Foundation today announced that it has established a new blog designed to address a range of issues affecting the world of FOUNDATION technology. Located at, the blog will cover topics of interest to fieldbus equipment suppliers, end-users, engineering firms, system integrators, and others.

FOUNDATION fieldbus is designed to provide a supplier-neutral, standards-based process automation infrastructure for plant environments. The technology aims to enable process integrity; business intelligence; and open, scalable integration in a managed environment. The first commercial FOUNDATION fieldbus applications were installed in 1997. Since that time, over one million devices have been sold into a $1.5 billion dollar market of products, applications and services, according to the Fieldbus Foundation.

The Fieldbus Foundation”s global marketing manager, Larry O”Brien, will moderate the new FOUNDATION fieldbus blog. According to O”Brien, there is an increasing need for up-to-date fieldbus news and analysis within the global industrial automation community. “

A sample of recent posts on the FOUNDATION fieldbus blog includes:

  • Certification of FOUNDATION fieldbus trainers from several leading educations institutions worldwide.

  • Introduction of new FOUNDATION-compliant products by a number of leading automation equipment suppliers.

  • Successful FOUNDATION technology installation in the municipal water industry.

  • Fieldbus host interoperability testing under the Fieldbus Foundation”s new “61b” Host Profile Registration process.

The blog also includes a Twitter feed with additional updates on FOUNDATION fieldbus developments around the world.

O”Brien joined the Fieldbus Foundation in March 2011. Formerly of ARC Advisory Group, he has over 18 years of experience in the process automation business as a research director and industry analyst, and has been tracking and reporting on FOUNDATION fieldbus for much of his career. O”Brien is responsible for developing the strategic marketing direction for FOUNDATION fieldbus worldwide.