Ingersoll Rand”sARO Pro Series of diaphragm pumps now includes two- and three-inchported metallic models. Previously offered only in aluminum, the pumps are available in cast iron andstainless steel. The addition of these additional materials for thetwo- and three-inch models means ARO now offers all three materials forall port sizes in its Pro Series portfolio. Like their aluminumcounterparts, the new models feature patented air-valve technology thateliminates pump stalling by utilizing an “unbalanced” design. Bycreating an optimal pressure differential, air valves do not center,even under low air inlet pressures. The unbalanced valves are designed to reduce productionloss and downtime by providing better shift signals and deliveringfaster trip-over with more flow (172 GPM and 237 GPM, respectively, fortwo- and three-inch models). With bolted construction and a variety of materialoptions, the pumps are designed for leak-tight integrity and chemical compatibility. O-rings and U-cups prevent air leakage byproviding a positive seal as the air valve shifts; air flow stops whenthe fluid flow stops. ARO Pro Series diaphragm pumps are backed by afive-year warranty on materials and workmanship. More information onindustries and applications can be found online byvisiting Ingersoll Rand”s Fluid Technologies Productivity Park