K-TEK”s MS41 is amagnetically actuated electric switch, which features a compact,dual-compartment design that isolates the 10 A DPDT (double pole,double throw) switching mechanism from the environment. Electricalconnection is made through a hermetic seal within the enclosure thatprotects the internal mechanism from moisture and heat damage over anextended period of time. The NEMA 4X, stainless steel enclosureensures the switch can be used in corrosive, offshoreenvironments and can handle a range of demanding uses, includinghigh-temperature (up to 1000 F/538 C) and high-vibration applications,such as pump and compressor skids. The switch features a unique camaction switching mechanism, with no bias springs to adjust ormaintain as parts age. The trip point is infinitely adjustable along the lengthof a magnetic level gauge without changing the process piping.