Qosina”s needle hub components are a three-part combination — hub connector, bushing and cap — which creates a customized fluid delivery or withdrawal system. The polycarbonate hubs are available in four different body styles (round, rectangular, octagonal and anatomic), each with a unique profile and finger grip. Stock sizes include 14, 15 and 16 gauge hubs, as well as a universal design that can be configured from 17 Gauge to 27 Gauge with separate PETG bushings. The bushings offer the benefit of ID flow conversion without costly pin changes. Several of these hubs also feature a male luer slip that can be converted to a male luer lock with a separate spin lock collar and all can be used as a standard female luer connector for different applications. The caps are color-coded by gauge size for quick identification and come pre-drilled for stylet insertion. Different cap styles match the hub designs and non-drilled caps are available upon request. Qosina has a newly released sample kit for our needle hub components containing all of the hubs and bushings with a selection of caps for prototyping ease.