ABB”s Navigator 600 phosphate analyzer substantially reduces the amount of reagents and maintenance generally associated with phosphate analysis. Aimed at the power generation industry and other large-scale steam raising industrial applications, the Navigator 600 for phosphate uses 10 percent of the reagents typically consumed by analyzers. Remote management and automatic calibration, zero, and cleaning help reduce maintenance. On-board diagnostics and predictive maintenance functions are designed to minimize unscheduled downtime. As a result, the new analyzer is capable of unattended operation for up to three months. A carefully designed wet section reduces annual maintenance attention for tubing and capstan replacement. Accuracy is zero to 15 PPM PO4. The analyzer comes in single or multi-stream configurations, enabling sequential monitoring of up to six streams. Output signals available include 4-20 mA, ethernet and optional Profibus DP V1. The user can program the unit for continuous or sampled measurements.