Entegris”s TorrentoATE 15nm chemical filter (pictured here) provides retention ofparticles as small as 15nm at the specified retention flowrate rating.Built on the first and only 15nm PTFE membrane on the market, theTorrento filter features low pressure drop and proprietary,non-dewetting surface modification for stable, long-life performance.It is a good fit for use with aggressive SPM, SC1, and SC2 chemistries.Entegris’s new Impact filter is a 5nm filter for point-of-usephotochemical applications, offering tight retention of hard particlesand gels. The Impact filter features an asymmetric membrane thatdelivers a combination of improved flowrates and lower pressure drop tohandle the most advanced photoresists and other coatings. The 5nmasymmetric membrane technology is also available for bulk photochemicalapplications in Entegris”s Microgard family of filters.