Norcross Corp.”s MXBO tank-mounted viscosity sensor is designed for use with water- and solvent-based adhesives, coatings, chemicals, inks, and paints. The viscosity sensor uses the proven “piston time-of-fall” method for measuring viscosities from 0.1 CPS to 100,000 CPS and is PLC compatible for use with the company’s process controllers. Suitable for water- and solvent-based applications with open tanks between 10 inches and 24 inches deep, the sensor is unaffected by level or turbulence for high or low mix conditions. Featuring all stainless steel wetted parts and open-rod construction, the viscosity sensor is easy to clean and works under atmospheric pressure. Capable of detecting the difference in the viscosity of boiling water (0.284 CPS) and ambient water (1.06 CPS), the sensor requires 40 PSI dry air, a three-way 24 VDC air valve, and is furnished with a two-meter cable.