Micro Motion”s latest generation MVD ELITE Coriolis flowmeter technology improves from +/- 0.10 percent accuracy over a 20-to-one turndown to +/- 0.05 percent mass and volume flow accuracy over a 20-to-one turndown, and up to +/- 0.0002 g/cc density accuracy. For applications where precise measurement is critical, such as charging reactors, injecting additives, and custody-transfer of high-value products, the performance of Coriolis meters has been seen as sensitive to changing conditions, such as dramatic fluid or ambient temperature variances or pipe stress. The new ELITE Coriolis meter with MVD technology and improved sensor design offers accurate liquid flow, gas flow, and liquid density measurements regardless of varying operating environments or harsh process conditions. Often with other flow measurement technologies, including other Coriolis flowmeters, the meter performs to specification at ambient temperatures on the bench, but fails to meet the same specifications when subject to actual process and/or ambient conditions. The new Micro Motion ELITE meter is virtually unaffected by ambient or process temperature changes. The stable performance means users can eliminate down time, and increase the throughput of their operations.