NA Municipal Drinking Water Plant Spending ($ Millions)

Equipment 2012
Pumps 900
Valves 550
Clarifiers – Centrifuges 150
Membrane Systems 250
Macrofiltration 220
Treatment Chemicals 800
Biological Treatment
and Disinfection 300
Instrumentation 350
Total 3,520

North American municipal drinking water plants will spend over $3.5 billion on new hardware, instrumentation and treatment chemicals in 2012, according to the McIlvaine Company.

McIlvaine says several thousand of the larger plants will make 80 percent of the investment, whereas the 10,000 smaller facilities will account for only 20 percent.

This investment is only 12 percent of the total $30 billion investment that will be made by the industry this year. The total includes all the distribution investment and maintenance, plus non-equipment expenditures at the treatment facilities.

Overall, there are more than 50,000 requests for quotation issued by the operating companies, McIlvaine reports.

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