KROHNE”s OPTISENS MAC 100 multiparameter converter for liquid analysis in the water and wastewater industry is standardized for both flowmeters and analytical measuring devices. The converter for liquid analyses is based on KROHNE’s IFC 100 signal converter, which has been used for years for electromagnetic flowmeter. The modular design offers flexibility in configurations from cost-efficient single-channel converters to complex measuring systems. Users can specify the number and type of signal inputs and outputs, and define the complexity of the measuring point and the number of parameters. The standardized user interface and large, easy-to-use graphic display also speeds up commissioning of the device and opens access to a wide range of diagnostic functions for devices and processes. Suitable for the measurement of such different analytical parameters as pH/oxygen reduction potential (ORP), free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, conductive conductivity, inductive conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. Regardless of which sensor is used or which parameter is being measured, the device offers standardized startup and operation. The user can also opt to measure two different parameters or to connect two different sensors to one signal converter. This eliminates the need to install a second signal converter. If available, the device can also automatically control sensor cleaning.