McCrometer”sMulti-Mag L Series flowmeter features advanced electromagneticmulti-point sensing technology for large line sizes, a smartprogrammable signal converter, and a virtually noise-immune cable. Theflowmeter is offers a NEMA 6/IP67 package that is a good fit fordemanding municipal water and industrial processes. Using a new microprocessor-based signalconverter, the flowmeter provides linearity across six points ofmeasurement for an expanded flow range with higher turndowns andimproved repeatability. The signal converter also features an intuitiveoperator interface with a large digital screen with graphicscapability.  Below the screen, a three-button membrane switchmakes programming easy, simplifies installation, and helps preventoperator errors. Theflowmeter measures liquid volumetric flowrates with a streamlinedmulti-point technology that creates only negligible pressure loss inpipes sized from four to 120 inches (101.6 mm to 3 m). It is alsoavailable for one-, two- and three-inch taps. Accuracy up to +/-1percent of reading (from 0.03 to +20 feet/second + zero stability) andrepeatability at +0.20 percent of the flow range.