Fluid Components International”s MT91 multi-point mass flowmeter delivers precision air/gas flow measurement with an intelligentflow sensor array in a unit that operates at temperatures upto 850 F (454 C). The meter”s multi-point designprovides highly precise flow measurement to support the optimization ofair/gas mixtures. Theno-moving-parts thermal mass flow sensor technology andits chromium carbide coated sensor assembly provide reliability andminimum maintenance. Available with accuracy to +/-2 percent ofreading, with repeatability of +/-0.5 percentof reading, including operation in high temperature environments up to850 F (454 C) in large line sizes greater than 24 inches. Wide turndown range available from5-to-1 to 100-to-1 and flow sensitivity from 0.25 SFPS to 150 SFPS (0.08 NMPSto 46 NMPS). Smart digital flow transmitter and advancedthermal dispersion technology flow sensing element meetfederal environmental requirements for CEMS, CFR40, Part 75.