Moyno (, a manufacturer of progressing-cavity pumps, recently launched a lean manufacturing initiative at its Springfield, Ohio facility. The program, called 5S, involves five specific areas of focus: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. The program is being implemented in six areas, including, for example, the chrome plating area, the small pump area, and the office area.

In the chrome plating area, the 5S team reorganized, added color-coded hangers and information signage to optimize communication. Equipment was moved closer to the work area to eliminate wasted time in transporting components. The team also eliminated unneeded equipment to free up space for future growth. To ensure sustainability, regular 5S audits are in place.

In the small pump area, by implementing cellular manufacturing the team was able to eliminate unnecessary waste and improve efficiency. Moyno also worked with suppliers to switch to container packaging for additional efficiency improvements. A just-in-time inventory system was implemented as well.

Lean principles were also used to organize the office area to achieve increased productivity. An employee suggestion program was implemented throughout the facility.