Moore Industries-International, a manufacturer of interface instruments for industrial process control, system integration, and factory automation, received the “Manufacturing Leadership Award” from the San Fernando Valley Business Journal at a ceremony on March 16 at the Warner Center Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills, Calif. The recognition is designed to highlight Moore Industries’ place as one of the most innovative manufacturing companies in the region.

Moore Industries was founded in 1968 by Leonard W. Moore, who remains with the company as its CEO. Moore Industries was picked for the award by an advisory committee of experts selected by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal for their knowledge of the local manufacturing industry. The committee reviewed various criteria before choosing Moore Industries, including its market dominance, creativity in doing business, financial success, number of employees, and length of time in the area.

Along with winning the award, Moore Industries also received special recognition from the California State Legislature. Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield of Woodland Hills presented the company with a certificate honoring Moore Industries as one of the top manufacturing companies in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles communities.