Pepperl+Fuchs”sFieldConnex Advanced Diagnostic Module (ADM) is now fully integratedinto Emerson Process Management’s PlantWeb AMS Suite. The ADM providesreal-time monitoring of Foundation Fieldbus physical layer. Theintegration widens the scope of the PlantWeb digital plantarchitecture, enabling AMS Suite users to automatically commissionfieldbus segments and effectively monitor and troubleshoot the fieldbusphysical layer. The ADM’s built-in segment monitor displayscommunication data for the entire segment, and individual devices. Eachvalue is clearly classified as excellent, good or out of spec. Reports,alarm lists and historical data can be exported for detailed analysis.The Diagnostic Manager can also initiates alarm messages withappropriate resolution suggestions. Within PlantWeb AMS Suite, allinformation can be displayed on the maintenance workstations. ADM’smonitoring capabilities deliver information into AMS Suite userinterface, indicating changes in the fieldbus physical layer beforethey become critical. Should troubleshooting be necessary, the ADMincludes a fieldbus oscilloscope for in-depth analysis of networkcommunication. Fieldbus-specific triggers allow tracing of complex orintermittent errors that would otherwise be hard to find.