T&D Corporation”sfamily of wireless data loggers can be used to monitor temperature,humidity, voltage, pulses on/off cycles, etc. The RTR-5 family isportable and waterproof with battery life up to two years. These unitsare ideal for use in wet, freezing, or high-humidity environments. Thehandheld portable data xollector features real-time monitoring withaudible alarms, the ability to download logged data from the loggers,and view the results with graphical displays. In addition, the data canbe downloaded via USB connection to a PC. The network-connected datacollector provides a LAN interface using a wireless 802.11b option. Thebuilt-in Web server allows viewing through a Web browser. Additionalfeatures include real-time monitoring and auto-downloading of loggerdata. The RTR-5W can also be set to automatically originate e-mailwarnings and text messages to cell phones if pre-programmed limits areexceeded.