Bosch Rexroth”sSeries AS3 FRL is an air-preparation system featuring modularconstruction comprised of filters, regulators, lubricators, andaccessory devices, such as shutoff valves and distribution blocks. Thesystem provides a max. flowrate of 184 SCFM and is available in 3/8″and 1/2″ NPT, with G3/8 and G1/2 ports and a pressure range of 232 PSI.The regulator supports temperatures from 14 F to 122 F. It is apatented oil-filling system that permits semi-automatic filling of thelubricator unit — the oil is directly vacuumed out of a containerthrough a hose and the level is measured and displayed with a sensor.Options include multiple filter options – 5, 0.3, or 0.01 micronfiltration. Drain valves on the filters can be semiautomatic orautomatic. Regulator options include standard, precision, or continuouspressure models. Shutoff (lock-out) valves can be lockable ornon-lockable.