BLACOH Fluid Control, Inc.’s mobile app BLACOH Mobile gives customers in the industrial market sector access to product quotes and drawings using their smart phone or tablet. The mobile device offers some of the same tools available on the BLACOH website, which is centered around quoting their SENTRY line of pulsation dampeners, surge suppressors, accumulators and inlet stabilizers. BLACOH plans to add more features and functions to BLACOH Mobile in the coming months, including a mobile version of their online eConfigurator that allows customers to ‘build’ a dampener model to suit a specific application. The eConfigurator steps the user through a short series of questions about the application, including pump type, air control type, pressure, temperature, capacity, and even certifications required such as ATEX and CRN. The result is an online quote and drawing for a single BLACOH dampener model that has been configured specifically for the application. The initial mobile app can be downloaded at BLACOH’s website.