Arzeda, a synthetic biology company, said on Tuesday that it has partnered with Mitsubishi Rayon, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings that manufactures chemicals, plastics and fibers, to develop an improved process for producing a chemical building block with several applications.

Research for the project will be carried out at Arzeda’s laboratories in Seattle, Washington, as well as at Mitsubishi Rayon‘s laboratories in Japan. Arzeda will utilize Archytas, its proprietary industrial protein design software, while Mitsubishi Rayon will apply its expertise in process development and industrial scale-up, the U.S. company said.

“Through synthetic biology, Arzeda is able to help our customers unlock new opportunities for innovative, high-performing and sustainable products,” commented Alexandre Zanghellini, Arzeda CEO. “Mitsubishi Rayon has long been known as a leader in chemistry, and it is a great honor to be working with their team.”

“Through our own experience and expertise, as well as with innovative technology like Arzeda’s, Mitsubishi Rayon can meet the growing global demand for a range of products in a sustainable manner,” added Takayuki Iseki, general manager of Mitsubishi Rayon’s R&D administration department.

Arzeda has developed a portfolio of enzymes and specialty chemicals for polymers, advanced materials and health and nutrition products. According to the company, its proprietary platform and validation process rapidly create “cell factories” that can be used at an industrial scale to solve problems and create opportunities that otherwise would be impossible.

Mitsubishi Rayon is a supplier of methyl methacrylate (MMA) monomer, as well as hollow fiber membranes, carbon fibers, plastic optical fibers and other products.