Trelleborg Sealing Solutions” materials range of static seals for hygienic-design couplings now includes Fluorocarbon sealing materials, which show minimal volume swell in all CIP media, with some registering zero swell. This indicates the compound will provide long-term sealing integrity for gaskets and o-rings in pipe couplings. The materials are designed for Trelleborg”s static seals for hygienic-design couplings and have been tested in commonly used Cleaning-In-Process (CIP) media. Trelleborg”s Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) E7502 and Fluorocarbon (FKM) V8T41 gave best-in-class results for their material types, with V8T41 demonstrating exceptional performance for a fluorocarbon sealing material, according to Trelleborg.
In the demanding conditions created by a combination of a two percent solution of acidic acid, citric acid and formic acid at +140 F/+60 C, volume swell of V8T41 was well below 5 percent. In a 1 percent concentration of acidic CIP media with oxygen at +104 F /+40 C, virtually no swell was recorded. In addition, the material is also suitable for hot water and steam applications up to +338 F/+170 C.