Meggitt Sensing Systems” Endevco Model 126 is a low-cost, microprocessor-controlled, three-channel DC differential voltage amplifier and signal conditioner. This model is designed with flexible setup and a wide bandwidth to 200 kHz (-3 dB corner), allowing it to be used with Endevco bridge-type or differential output accelerometers and pressure transducers, or other industry models, across a variety of general purpose laboratory testing applications. The incorporates variable gain adjustment, shunt calibration capability, as well as automatic zero adjustment capability for elimination of inherent DC offset voltage. The unit also features three independent operating channels with individually programmable excitation voltage level settings from 0-12 VDC; differential output and gain adjustment range from 0 to 999.9; an independent filter selectable function; and BNC output connectors, for easy hookup to readout and recording instruments. In addition, remote sense leads are provided to eliminate errors caused by driving long cable lengths.