Omega Engineering”sDOH-20D is a portable microprocessor-based dissolved oxygen meter witha custom digital LCD screen that displays large numbers for easyreading. The LCD screen can show dissolved oxygen (DO) in eithermg/liter or percent of saturation and temperature simultaneously.Features memory storage, recall with data hold function, and theability to store up to 16 sets of temperature and DO values. The usercan utilize the RS232 (optional) feature to download stored values intoa computer. The meter comes equipped with battery saving features andwill shut down automatically after 10 minutes of being idle.Low-battery and consumption indicators are also included. The productis a good fit for biological testing, wastewater treatment,environmental testing within water and wastewater, and chemicaltreatment applications. The DOH-20D comes with a sensor, two membranecaps, 20 mL of electrolyte, pipette, a rubber protective cover, 9 Vbattery, operator”s manual, and a one-year warranty.