KNF Neuberger”s micro diaphragm gas-sampling pump (Type NMP015.1.2) integrates head connections inside the housing for improved pneumatic performance. This optimized design produces less pulsation and enables the housing to be closed and sealed for significant reduction in audible noise. The pump is a good fit for portable, battery-operated equipment used in a wide range of OEM applications, including gas sampling, explosives detection devices, anesthesia systems, and medical analyzers, among others. The pump’s elastomeric diaphragm provides oil-free operation, eliminating the risk of contaminating the sampled gas. Pumps can be specified either with an ironless core DC motor or with a brushless DC motor. PEEK housings and pump heads contribute high stiffness and temperature and chemical resistance. Depending on model, these pumps can achieve flowrates to 2.1 l/m, vacuum to 650 mbar (11 in. Hg) absolute, and continuous pressure to 0.6 bar g (9 PSIG). Chemically resistant versions are available and pumps can otherwise be customized to meet particular application demands.