MTS Systems Corp.”s Sensors Division, in conjunction with OleumTech Corporation, has developed a solution that allows users to monitor tank levels via the Web. MTS Sensors provides the tank measurements, and the OleumTech wireless monitors transmit the data back to the control room, where a Modbus controller with Ethernet output passes the data onto the Web. In the end, the customer is able to open a Web page and pull up the latest measurement at anytime. MTS Sensors uses its Level Plus model MG liquid level transmitter to measure the level in storage tanks. The tank level is transmitted via Modbus to the OleumTech LevelMate Monitor that sends the measurement to the control room where the OleumTech DataHubTM is located. The output from the DataHub is connected to a Fieldbus controller that places the information on the Internet. The customer can open the Web site and poll the unit to find out the last collected measurement. The user can customize the update time of the radios and the Web interface. The intended application for the current model MG transmitter and LevelMate Monitor solution is for scenarios where the tank has line power from a local source, but does not have communication lines back to the control room. MTS has found several locations where the control room is located hundreds of yards away from the tanks and the expense of running conduit the full length has inhibited the use of automatic tank gauging on the tank. However, there is no need for battery-powered gauges and/or radios since power is located throughout the facility. The solution provided by MTS and OleumTech allows customers to reap the benefits of automatic tank gauging without having to endure the costs of running conduit. The MG transmitters provide three-in-one measurement of the product level, interface level, and temperature along with offering volume outputs from 100 point strap tables. The model MG has built a reputation of high accuracy, reliability, simple installation, and field replacement. Every gauge is built custom to the application and is available in lengths from 508 mm (20 inches) to 18,288 mm (720 inches). The model MG can operate on either 12 or 24 Vdc power via its four-wire Modbus connection.