AD Products” is now offering the Meriam MFC 4100 communicator and The MFT 4000 multifunction communicator/calibrator on its Web site at The portable, handheld devices offer HART digital communication protocol. The MFT 4000 (pictured here) is a multifunctional calibrator. It can be used to measure pressure; differential pressure; to simulate or measure temperature; to simulate or measure voltage or current; to calibrate field devices; and to document the performance of field devices. The MFT 4000 consists of a portable base unit with three bays for sensor modules. The MFT 4000 pressure modules are NIST traceable to +/- 0.025 percent of full scale and are fully temperature compensated for accuracy across a broad temperature range. RTD and t/c modules measure or simulate a variety of temperature elements with NIST traceable accuracy. The VMA module for the MFT will temporarily power a 24 VDC loop, simulate or source current, or simulate VDC. Measurement of both current (mA) and DC voltage are integral to the base unit with +/- 0.025 percent full scale accuracy. The MFC 4100 is a HART communicator with features for quick startup and connect, quick menu for commonly used commands, a full alpha-numeric keypad, and the ability to review and edit on the fly.