MetaMateria Partners ( acquired Porous Ceramic Shapes LLC including all technology and Cell-Pore products. Ceramic Shapes’ proprietary technology enables the manufacture of lightweight ceramic products with controlled porosity that can be used for water filtration and remediation applications.

Already commercialized for small applications, the ceramic technology is currently in development for larger scale, nanotechnology-enabled bioremediation, chemical absorption, and filtration processes. Under terms of the acquisition, Cell-Pore products are now sold directly by MetaMateria Partners.

The acquired technology consists of a proprietary colloidal manufacturing process that can be used to make both porous and dense ceramic parts in complex shapes. MetaMateria Partners expects to optimize the process for nonclogging, lightweight, and highly porous structures that allow for high flowrates while enabling exposure to the ceramic’s surface. The resulting structures serve as a framework for a spectrum of nanotechnology-enabled water filtration, purification, and remediation technologies including those currently under evaluation and development at MetaMateria Partners and its parent company NanoDynamics.