L.J. Star’s Metaglas Type 61 sight glass products are compliant with the recently revised ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standard for electric boilers, Section I PEB-13, Water Gages. The revised ASME standard now allows manufacturers of boilers with a diameter of 16 inches or smaller to use a bull’s-eye-type fused sight glass window instead of the traditional tubular sight glass for observation of the water level in the boiler. The ASME-compliant fused sight glass windows offer boiler manufacturers advantages over traditional tubular sight glasses including simpler manufacturing, less risk of contamination, greater safety, and higher erosion and corrosion resistance. Metaglas sight glass products can replace conventional glass in many applications, including circular assemblies for welding onto vessels, weld neck and nozzle flanges, and visual flow indicators. –www.ljstar.com