MEMS Emitter for Process ControlCal Sensors’ new MEMS Pulsed Emitter (MPE) is a broadband source of quasi-black body pulsed light that operates over the 1 to 20 micron infrared (IR) spectrum. Designed with patented, thin-membrane, thermo-resistive material, the MPE combines excellent quality with high signal, fast pulses, and long life. With its broadband emission and low input power requirements, the MPE is a good fit for a variety of portable and traditional applications including environmental applications such as greenhouse gas analysis, exhaust emissions monitoring, and industrial plant leak detection as well as process control including protein and fat measurements, plastics sorting, moisture content analysis, and contaminant detection. The MPE promotes optimizing measurement dynamic range due to a combination of attributes that maximize signal output while minimizing 1/f noise. This is possible due to the emitter’s high pulse speed, low thermal mass, fast response and superior high -emperature capabilities. When paired with high-performance detector technology, high measurement sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio are achieved, allowing the detection of trace gases with very low parts per million.