NewAge Industries”custom tubing, hose, and assemblies address individual applicationrequirements to provide less waste, labor, and cost than stocked tubingand hose. Types of customization include hose assemblies, thermal tubebonding, special compounding and colors, coiling, heat-formed parts,adjusted wall dimensions, overbraiding and jacketing, printing,cut-to-length pieces, slitting, hole punching, and packaging.Assemblies are available with all sorts of hose, including stainlesssteel overbraided PTFE, reinforced PVC and silicone, and polyurethane. Avariety of fittings are also available, including sanitary stylesattached by clamps or crimped-on collars for permanency. Other customoptions, such as custom compounding (blending additives into the rawplastic material), permit fine-tuning of plastics to meet specialperformance requirements. The need for low temperature flexibility,improved elasticity, U.V. stabilization, or decreased tack can beaddressed. Overbraiding and jacketing protect tubing and hose fromabrasion, heat, kinking, or chemical attack. Services like printing andstriping identify tubing and hose with information such as sizes,performance capabilities and limitations, company recognition, or partnumbers. Cut-to-length pieces can reduce labor costs for the customer,as the cutting can often be done at the end of the production lineimmediately following manufacture. Orders may be shipped in boxes of aspecified size, by weight, or with a certain number of cut piecesbagged together and then boxed.