Chemineer”s ChemSeal is a mechanical seal designed specifically for agitator service. The seal features high runout, reverse rotation, and reverse-pressure capability. The line features both single- and double-cartridge configurations designed for easy installation and maintenance. The seals can be readily removed from the agitator as a complete assembly and repaired on the workbench before re-installation. Chemineer’s “swing-out” agitator seal change design is intended to help with the ease and the speed of seal replacement. ChemSeals are available in a variety of materials to meet critical temperature and pressure ratings. The seal can be retrofitted to existing Chemineer GT, Model 20 and MR agitators. Optional throttle bushing or debris well designs are available to prevent seal and product contamination. Dry and liquid lubrication options are also available to suit specific application requirements. Standard sizes are two-inch, 2.5”, three-inch, and 3.5”. Supports temperatures to 356 F (180 C) and pressures to 300 PSI.