Sensor Electronics”full-flow gas detector measures carbon-dioxide levels at natural-gaswellsites, collection/distribution pipelines, separation stations, ortreatment plants. The detector plugs directly into the pipeline, itcontinually measures actual CO2 levels in the gas flow, in contrast toconventional bypass sensors that simply sample a small portion of thegas. The detector requires no venting or flaring of waste gas. Thedetector sends a four to 20 mA signal, showing actual CO2 values at anygas flow, regardless of velocity, pressure, and/or concentration. Thedetector is also resistant to the effects of dust, dirt, oil mistaerosols, airborne contaminants, toxic/corrosive atmospheres, ortemperature/humidity extremes. The detector measures 4.5 inches long,three inches wide, 5.5 inches high (including one-inch boss). Operating temperature range is zero to 150 F; humidity zero to 99percent RH.