Fluid ComponentsInternational”s CMB Coriolis flowmeter is an economical solution toindustrial applications that require measurement accuracy in crowdedequipment layouts or facilities. The CMB’s “U” tube Coriolis flowsensor design features lightweight 316L stainless steel tubes withminimal welding and exclusive vibration dampening technology. Thisdesign provides long-term mechanical reliability and low installationcosts. The instrument offers a footprint as small as 11.8 inches(300 mm) wide by 15 inches (380 mm) high by four inches (105mm) deep.Accuracy is +/- 0.15 percent at flowrates up to 2205 lb/min (60000kg/hr) in line sizes up to three inches (76mm). The flow sensoroperates over a temperature range from -40 F to 356 F (-40 C to 180C).  It supports pressures up to 580 PSI [40 Bar (g)], and thesensor is protected by a lightweight die-cast housing for long-life indemanding industrial processes and plants.